hi everyone... wow, what a crazy weekend, seriously. well, i guess its wednesday now.. but my weekend was that nuts, i guess! haha. my computer got broken at a party at my house on saturday.. a party that I wasnt even at!!! I had a girls only weekend, and didnt even come home till sunday after the game.. so yeah. missed my camshow yesterday, i have to re download all the webcam software stuff... doin' a makeup show tonight at 9:30 PM central time... hope to see you guys there.. I know I havent written in my journal since friday, but i dont have the password for that either, lol, i have to get ahold of spunky.. i just lost EVERYTHING with that computer. Im very flustered.

was pretty excited to see that the pictures with carmen went up on my site today! it was like the last set we shot in seattle, I didnt think we'd see this one for awhile.. it was fun... poor carmen.. she thought her work for the week was done, she was laying in bed... peacefully napping, she fell asleep watching tv, in the bed that we shared for the week ( )

I was *supposed* to be in the room finding an outfit to take more pictures of myself in... when suddenly i found myself on the bed with carmen, looking at her, touching her... it wasnt until i looked back at these pictures just now, that i realized.. i never put on any clothes to begin with!!! im naked in the whole set!

enough jibberjabber, right?